Dear friends, family and followers

We are happy to inform you that after ten years of rock 'n' roll and a lot of love,

we decided to listen to our parents and...

get married!

We dreamed about a cheesy party, fantasized about a fancy buffet, Jewish rabbi, loud music, hugging and kissing.

But instead, we were left alone in a small room in a dark government office in Berlin, with two masks and a lot of hand sanitizer.


The bright side is that we still have each other and no less important, we have you and the wonders of the internet.

In honor of the historic occasion, we are launching the "Wedding-Start" project, which will allow you to give us the only wedding gift we would be happy to receive:

support for our future musical projects, planned clips, silly videos and a slowly evolving album.

Supporters of the project will be invited to our wedding party to be held online and will also receive cool gifts and special souvenirs from the wedding.

So SAVE THE DATE - January 15, 2021:

We, you, our screen, your screens and

hope we get your hug and support.

With love, Jeki and Rimoch 


Photo : Serge Ber

Clothes: Elya Yalonetski


Support with 25 EU or more

celebrate with us on the
Live Stream wedding

+ Download of the next album

Participate in our special wedding ceremony, streamed live from the Panda Theater in Berlin with performances and  D.J sets from Israel.
participants may also join us on "Zoom" for congratulations and dances (optional)




Support  the RimoJeki future projects

Support with 50 EU or more


Print Disc - A unique souvenir for supporters only +  wedding live stream + album download

Colorful print painting 30 * 30 by the artist Or Bibi with a personal thank you and a signature of the married couple, a disc of the next album is attached.

limited addition for supporters only!


Support with 60 EU or more

Wedding T-shirt - for supporters only + wedding live stream + album download

Special RimoJeki design from a unique Painting by the artist "Or Bibi" in a colorful and high-quality print.

limited addition for supporters only!



Support with 75 EU or more

All the food until now -

Print Disc + T - shirt + wedding live stream + album download


Support with 75 EU or more

Vynil! signed with a dedication to you + Live wedding + Album download

Remojki are releasing music for the first time on vinyl

Main Courses


Support with 100 EU or more

Vynil Record with dedication and signature + Special Rimojeki shirt + Print wedding souvenir print + + Live wedding + Download


Support with 125 EU or more

Credits and your photo/logo on the next album + Shirt + Print disk + Live wedding + Download

You send us your picture or logo and we embed it in the graphics of the next album along with your name!!


Support with 300 EU or more

An intimate show at your home or in our home + all the gifts !

Talk to us!

Whether you are in Israel or Europe, we will arrange a performance with you, we will come to you once it is possible! 


Support with 175 EU or more

Zoom show and a meeting with songs to your choosing from all times + All the gifts!!!



Support with 500 EU or more

Full electric show with video art +

All the gifts!!!

Talk to us!

Whether you are in Israel or Europe, we will arrange a performance in your club/house, we will come to you once it is possible!  for a show in Israel a p.a system can be included! 


See below the options, choose one that is comfortable for you.
*we will prefer a bank transfer because PayPal and Credit likes to take a donation for themselves also:-)
You can write in the reference for the transfer the dish number

and a short wedding greeting!
To make sure we know who you are and what dish you choose (1-10) , please send us a message here or email:

** All gifts will be given after the release of the next album in the coming months, We will update you on everything that happens with your investment until then.



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