In an existence which our story -

the human race's one, 
is not clear and you can not believe anything. 
What is real? what is true?
What is it all for?!

In an age where our free will is in doubt, 

machines threaten to replace us with everything.

what will happen to us Homo sapiens? 
an animal that loves stories and cooperates through common imagination.

the meaning of life is the story we tell ourselves 

and its seems like the only thing we can trust to be totally true is

birth, death and suffering.

the future is moving in dangerous directions
the sky has no signs of optimistic truth for us.

are we alone in the universe?

and here we are in the illusion of time.

only alive for a fraction of a second and disappear into a mysterious vacuum. 


What can we do???

Ignore everything!

celebrate life, the stories, the imagination, 

play music, meet people, be kind, love and enjoy life!


Rimojeki are a pair of human aliens who travel with their spaceship around the world in a journey to the past, present and future, through hearts and stories of other  
humans, They are inspired to share together their story.


Rimojeki's music combines trans-electro beats with New Wave guitars, synth's and effects, theremin and wet crazy vocals that aim to take the audience to a foreign, space-filled psychedelic journey full of alien stories, future, love and darkness. everything is accompanied by theatricality colorful performance and shameless humor.


The show includes a video work consisting of trash, space, documentary, psychedelic and politics that responds to the music and lyrics.

This complex creates an exciting, psychedelic and innovative show 
that is hard to ignore in both the mind and the body.


Rimo - Electric Guitar & Vocals

Jeki - Theremin, Synthesizers & Vocals 


In 2016 they warmed Alice Cooper's show in Israel (by his request) with their space rock band

 "The Giant Lizards from the Nibiru Planet"

During the past two years, Rimo & jeki traveled all over Israel as a due and even made a 

Network series.

during that they performed many acts, took part in major festivals and also produced a monthly alternative festival of their own.  

These days they are preparing to travel outside of Israel with their new and updated project "Rimojeki", in English. 

Rimo - a musician \ producer. age 42.

Stage name: "Horrible Rimoch"

studied Archaeology and Biblical research.

In his songs he use a lot of History, philosophy and Mythologizes from the Middle-east.

Jeki - a musician \ actress. age 35.

stage name: "Jeki the stunning"
A performance artist and the owner of a theater group that specializes in children's theater on ecology. Theatrock.

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