They rose from the Tel Aviv underground scene back in 2012, moved to Berlin in 2019, and immediately started taking over Europe as a musical duo. 

But Rimoch and Jeki are much more than a musical duo; RimoJeki is an awesomely entertaining and innovative psychedelic experience that incorporates visionary music, ground-breaking video art and out-of-this-world outfits. 

Their music is a brilliant mix of heavy danceable beats, piercing catchy bass lines, stoner guitar riffs, wave synth noise, spaced-out Theremin, and vocals that swing between post-punk and heavenly ethereal melodies.

Rimojeki’s performance is a wild live tapestry of aliens, colors, psychedelia, mythologies, science, future, love and darkness, with an underline of wicked humor. 

Their eye-catching, high-energy performances, accompanied by their self-made video art, entrance their audience, inevitably creating a dance party at every show.



Born and raised in Israel, Kfir Rimoch and Jeki Zaborov were a huge part of the local indie music scene. They both performed for over a decade as part of several bands and it was only a matter of time until they meet each other and start collaborating in the year 2012.

In 2016, while performing as part of the Giant Lizards from the Nibiru Planet, they were picked by no other than the great Alice Cooper as the opening act of his concert held at the Amphi Park Raanana. Shortly after, they decided to break up the band and initiate a new adventure as a duo; for 2 years, they performed all over Israel, bringing the indie scene from Tel Aviv to the peripheral regions of the country. 

During those 2 years, they shaped their unique sound and developed their original and refreshing performance style that combines elements from the world of theatre and performance art. Also, they produced several music festivals and documented their fascinating journey, which led to the production of a web-series called Rimojeki.

Seeking to collaborate with exceptional artists from various fields and reach out to international audiences, they left Israel at the beginning of 2019 and moved to Berlin. Their first show in Berlin took place at Madame Claude, and the response from the crowd was outstanding. Soon after that unforgettable show, they launched a European tour and performed (among the rest) in France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany.


During 2019, while on the road, they created a lot of new music inspired by their recent experiences and especially their lives in Berlin, where they also released their first EP as a duo – Restart Your Star.​

2020 was a promising year, full of shows all around Europe, collaborations and big festivals. Unfortunately, the notorious pandemic had shut down all cultural activities around the world.


In 2021 Rimojeki had managed to navigate between the pandemic limitation and created their biggest show up to this date - "The TopheT Show"

Photo By Elya Yalonetski