"Excellent performers, interacting with the crowd, their usage of multimedia made me high! Lizards, aliens, dollars, colorful leggings and masks... Artists! Can't wait to see them again live!"   

 - Svetlana Makeyeva

 "Rimojeki were awesome. this was not just some band that makes good music, but concept art with the means of music, video, costume, dance, theatre."

 - Elrik Deinhof

Credit - Gaya Photos


RimoJeki is the groundbreaking, hair-raising, mind-blowing theatrical-musical show by Rimo & Jeki: the power couple that rose from the Israeli underground scene and spent the last few years touring intensively all over Europe.
Using heavy beats, stoner guitar riffs, wave synth, heavenly theremin sounds, outer space vocals and crazy video projections, RimoJeki sends the crowd on a trip through ancient mythologies and philosophies that always turns into a hardcore rave.

Credit - Dudu Vazana

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Credit - Elya Yalonetsk


Since moving to Berlin RIMOJEKI have turned their life into one big constant tour around Europe, from Rave parties to Rock dungeons - they have done it all.

Throughout their travels in Europe, they have had the opportunity to collaborate with different artists collectives in several different countries.
Through these collaborations, they were able to create together each time a unique theatrical show with stage design, video mapping, and performers.  

These experiences have enabled them to fulfill what is their ultimate fantasy: Turning their performance into something much bigger than just the two of them and sharing their entire theatrical vision that is behind their music.

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